Geometric Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Universe

It created the Basis for building Final Model of the Universe. The universe is immense and elegant, where all material bodies exist and develop according to the laws of nature mutually co-ordinated and forever. The state of theuniverseInfinity-Gravityis the organization of the universe capable of creating self-organizing, self-regulating, and self-perfecting material systems, from atoms to human societies. Matter consists of gravity (substance gravina), exists by gravity energy, and functions according to the laws of gravity. Mass and energy are two states of matter. There is no mass without energy; there is no energy without mass. Matter is the energy -mass. Elementary particle of matter is is manifested by impulse-quantum transitions of these two states to each other by a frequency equal to half the Planck frequency. Evolution of matter in the universe occurs by the transition of these states into each other in an exclusive circle according to the law of conservation of energy -mass (matter)…

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