The Universe is immense and elegant, where all material bodies

exist and develop according to the laws of nature mutually

coordinated and forever. The State of the Universe – is the

Infinity-Gravity – is the Organization of the Universe capable

of creating self-organizing, self-regulating, and self-perfecting

material systems, from atoms to human societies.

We live in the world not understanding almost anything about its construction. We know little about the matter and the reasons of its existence. Is not known its elementary particle, is not constructed model of the hydrogen atom – the building material of the entire material world. We not even have the idea what energy and how ensures functioning of the atom (matter) – our existence. Is not known structure and mechanism of functioning of the gravity field – of the environment of existence of matter. We, for more than 300 years successfully use the Newton’s law of gravity, although we do not know what is gravity? Evolution of our Galaxy and other galaxies, clusters of galaxies, black holes, dark matter and other space phenomena not yet explained. Volcanoes, earthquakes, climate change, cosmic threats and other natural phenomena on Earth still remain «dark»…

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